Making Faces

Making Faces
Artist, Lyn Belisle

Currently In Closed Session

Join artist Lyn Belisle in this wonderful Art Lab, Making Faces!

Lyn's soulful art work invites the viewer to linger on the beautiful details of her faces which are often blended together in her canvas and shrine work. Lyn also creates unique spirit dolls of all shapes and forms using the faces she makes from her very own molds.

In this 30 minute Art Lab, Lyn will teach you how to create your own unique molds. She will share which clays you should use, applications for aging and antiquing your faces, and how to prepare them for other projects that you might think about using them for. She will inspire some wonderful ideas that will jump start your creativity and have you thinking of countless possibilities! Plus, Lyn will be available in class for questions on your projects.

Lyn is also creating a Face Book in class. Not to be confused with the social media  Facebook! Students are encouraged to share photos of faces created in this ever so inspiring Art Lab!

We are very excited to present Making Faces with Lyn Belisle, and we hope you will join her for this truly inspiring lab.


*This is a lab includes 30 minutes of video time. Materials and Supply list will be shared within the classroom only. Filmed in-studio, mono sound.*