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  • Hi Karen:

    Can you believe that it's November 4th?  Only 49 or so more crafting days left until Christmas!

    I am writing to invite you to join my needle-felting workshop here on Roses!  Come share in the fun of making a Homespun Santa Ornament.  This workshop is the perfect opportunity to continue making art and have a gift ready in plenty of time for the holidays! 

    If you go to the HOME PAGE at Roses you can check out the details.

    Ho Ho Hope to see you there!

    ~Judy =^..^=

  • Hey look, there we are holding hands *skip * skip * skip* ....... don't yu feel so PoP-u-LA?! LOL... I just love this place!.....hehehe
  • Karen, Thank you for your sweet message and adding sunshine to my day! oxoxo Zinnia
  • That would be the Sagittarius you are... putting on the 'fuss' that is...and yea,
    I have a weird thing for that....I keep saying I should charge, then I could afford more art classes! Dec. 7th right? maybe I'm off a day or so?

    Well hubby is a Correctional Deputy.....26-27 years in the hole so to speak! haha, Including military, so you are on the other side of the bars too?! No wonder I like you lol, haha!
    I have a good etsy article for you to read....I'll try to write you tomorrow....xo
  • Oh yes, my daughter has a kindle, she loves it! Nope, no Valentine plans....hubby always has to work on Sundays they are his Monday (law enforcement) so it's just me and the boy's.....I need to figure out how to make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast hehehe...
    need to get going on my Alice atc's, fun, fun! any etsy sales yet? ....
  • Hi Karen, whacha up to????
  • xD The pleasure is all mine.
  • Lol. Anytime Mrs.Karen. I'm glad to see such amazing artwork and talents being displayed on this site. I really admire them. Especially yours. And you are always, welcome... no need to thank me. I'm glad to give me own personal opinion,criticism, and appreciation for anyone's work. I hope you create more in the future. I'll be glad to gaze at them.
  • The pleasure is all mine! oxoxo Zinnia
  • Welcome Karen! I hope you will enjoy it here. Please make yourself at home and join a group if you like! I LOVE your artworks! Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oxoxo Zinnia
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