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  • Where can I find your felted class.  I can seem to see it.

  • +Judy,

    Sorry I got carried away and forgot to answer your question about attending Mary Jane's class.  That is the plan, if all goes well with my time frame!  My work just takes away all free time to do fun things. I had wanted to sign up for one of her classes last year and couldn't make it, so I am hoping I can this year!.

  • Judy,

    Thank you for your friend request!  I just love to look at your work!  Those little kitties are divine!  Do you do private requests for kitties?  The reason why I ask is because there is no way I have the time to compose a kittie and I want to do a couple for my sister as a gift. I would have to get some pictures of the kitties, because I don't even know what they look like.  Ball park figure how much would they run?  And are the small one's less or more complicated, because she loves minatures as well as kitties!  They would be a little different for you because they are MANX (no tails) .  And to inform you about Manx some have absoutely no tail at all and some have a little stump.  (I think that they call them stumpies or something like that.  I have to ask my sister, she is the 'Know it all' about the breed!  She would be thrilled because it is hard to find pictures,info etc about Manx unless you go to that part of the world.  Island off of Ireland. Thx, K

  • Hi there Judy! Gosh thanks so much for the nice comments on my work you made my day! ((((grin)))

    I know we've chatted in Journal Journey so it seems like we're already friends, but it's nice it's official now lol! I'm lovin' your little kitties all of them are so darn cute! See ya around my new friend ;D xoxo

  • Thank You so much Judy!  How exciting!  Cannot wait!

  • Thank you for the invitation Judy.  I will have to pass at this time due to the year long commitment with LifeBook2013 and my Latin class.  That combined with homeschooling and regular home duties fills up all spaces.  Kind Regards, Kay

  • So sorry..just seeing your invitation about felting. TY but I am not a part of the sewing world. I am lucky if I get a button sewn on right!!! hahaha I did just jpin a Tag group and may try that.

  • Thanks so much for your kind comment about my it turns out I will not be teaching this particular class this's back to the drawing board for them!  Admire your work so very much and don't be surprised if you see me in your class one of these days!!

  • Sorry to have take so long to replay.....just love your felted work, love cats and bunnies. Am excited to do the bunny class starting tomorrow! :)   I look forward to the experience. 

  • Oh my goodness It is very difficult finding how to contact you.  I just boiled msg down to 200 characters and then it said yu were not a valid address..........  Any how.  I do want to do this.  So adorable and have always wanted to learn.  I am intimidated though as all say it is tedious and time consuming.  Not my greatest strengths.  I am, however leaving for florida until the 19th and would like to sign up when I come back is that possible?  Please let me know as I would not want to miss it.  Will I have enough time?  I am taking one other online course and two art classes.  I do have learning disabilities but if you do video I am ok...  Molly thank you!!!!


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