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  • found them ! I was doing it wrong... lol go figure !


  • Hi JoAnn, I am finally getting some more time to play ! but I am having trouble finding the videos again. I am not sure if I don't have access anymore or if I am doing it wrong... any direction would be most appreciated ! 

    Thanks so much !

    Kellie Welch

  • Thanks JoAnn ! However, when I click on Groups at the top of this page and then to the Journaling icon, there is nothing on the page it takes me to except another Journaling Icon. When I try and click on that one it goes no where. Thanks for your help, sorry to be lost in the halls LOL HELP!! 

    I just sent this above the comment I got from you and I got a notice that Kellie Welch posted a comment to my page LOL. Soooooo, I thought I might need to leave it on your page... not sure if you will get it on mine . 

  • Hi,

     I have received my email stating I have access now but,  can't seem to find the videos for the Journaling group. I am a little lost. I have watched a few videos before I joined that i can't find again. Not sure how I accessed them before ? May have been on The Artful Gathering site when I did..but can't find them there either ! Am I going crazy !!  LOL I have have my cover made but can't find how to sew in the pages. Help !! :) 

    Thanks so much ! I am so excited to get my pages in to take my journal on my trip to Montana if possible! 

  • Jo, I love your cute hat (in this picture). What fun and you look darling!

    Hope summer is going well. Hugs, Paula

  • hi Jo, didn't know how all this worked until Mary Lee had me be her friend.  Now are these comments just in the my page and not out for the group?  I'm with Jeanne, your black page is stunning and your lettering is over the top.  hugs, Sher

  • Ahhh - there it is!  Wanted to study it a bit closer.  I still can't believe you did that lettering...well, that's not true, I can...but to do all that work.  Wow!  It's amazing and I just love it.

    BTW - is Texas still in your future???


  • Hi Jo,

    I have been thinking of you and hope those mudslides that are happening in CA. are not by you.

    Hope you are safe and sound. I have missed hearing from you,



This reply was deleted.