Class Description

Join me for a fun and exciting video tutorial that is all about creativity- from scratch.

In the first tutorial series I will share how I create my beaded bangles using  unusual beads, stones and crystals. This is appropriate for all skill levels including beginners. 

In the second series I will be demonstrating an exciting and easy way to create your own sculpted bangles using Aves Apoxie Sculpt over handmade and ready-made bracelet forms.

If you love wearing bangles, yet find that the sizes never seem to suit your wrists just right, here is the tutorial for you!

We will be creating sculpted and handpainted bangles, as well as beaded tribal bracelets. We'll also be making little festishes too! Stack 'em, mix 'em, or match 'em! These bracelets look fabulous together.

If you have seen the retail prices for many of the manufactured bangles on the market, just think how special your own handmade bracelets will look and feel.

These projects are great for destashing your beads. Or if you have been eyeing Boho and Tribal beads at specialty bead stores or gem fairs, then come share some time with me before you go bead hunting!

Self Guided Class Info

What is a self guided class? This classroom is a private classroom that provides access to those students who have registered to take the class. Upon receiving access to this classroom you are free to explore the content and to view the videos as often as you like. You are free to go at your own pace.

What is included. Within 24 hours of payment you will receive electronic access to the hidden pages of this classroom. Sculpted, Beaded and Bangled includes approximately 3 combined hours of video content, photo references, notes and commentary.

What is not included. This class does not include downloadable videos. You are very welcome to visit this classroom through the 2019-2020 calendar to replay videos as often as you like. After December 2020, this class may conclude.