Class Description

This class is for anyone who has a passion for creating handmade books that can be customized to suit your style and taste in both design and paper choices.

Step by step I take you through the process I use to create my own art journals from readily available materials and supplies. In fact, most of the supplies used for this class were obtained from local art supply stores.

We will create three different books, with three different basic book binding methods. The binding methods I use are not decorative necessarily, but they are easy to create and in some cases, easy to replace so that you can refill your books over and over again if you like.

We'll explore how to create the cover and backing, how to choose the right paper for your pages, how to embellish your covers and how to bind your pages.

I'll show you how I install a door inside my cover too!


Self Guided Class Info

What is a self guided class? This classroom is a private classroom that provides access to those students who have registered to take the class. Upon receiving access to this classroom you are free to explore the content and to view the videos as often as you like. You are free to go at your own pace.

What is included. Within 24 hours of payment you will receive electronic access to the hidden pages of this classroom. Mixed Media Journal Books includes approximately 4 combined hours of video content, photo references, notes and commentary.

What is not included. This class does not include downloadable videos. You are very welcome to visit this classroom through the 2019-2020 calendar to replay videos as often as you like. After 2020, this class may conclude.