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Roses On My Table

Where art grows

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roses on my table

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Roses On My Table

where art grows

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Art Grows 

When I started my creative journey, I discovered that creatively speaking, each of us are as unique as our fingerprints. No two of us are alike in how we express our visions and perceptions. Therefore, our passion for growing artistically must always be unique to ourselves. We grow in our own way and time. Even if we start later in life, it is never too late.

I believe that as we progress and grow in our skills and in the strength of our creative voice, it is helpful to learn from others, to borrow techniques, and test them out to see where it might deepen the meaning of our personal creative experiences.

For me, my heart and mind need to be connected when I create. If art is a visual language, then I am always looking to listen with my heart and my mind.

I've learned that my art grows when I am listening and when I am practicing daily. Whether it be visual journaling, sketching or sculpting; I feel nourished and content.