In 2009, Cristina Zinnia Galliher established Roses On My Table for people who love to create art. She is the innovator of Artful Gathering Online Art Retreats, and also an artist, wife, mom, bird and dog lover. After teaching at Roses for four years, Zinnia has devoted herself full time to revolutionizing the way people create and share their art online.

"Roses and Art sit side by side at my table and remind me daily that both need to be nurtured in order to be appreciated."

-Cristina Zinnia Galliher

About my art. I began taking art classes when I was in my late teens. Before that, I would draw all the time. At an even younger age, I would write little stories and then draw my characters out on paper in order to bring my words to life. Most times, I had my head in the clouds, because I was always looking for new horizons to explore. I was a daydreamer, with lots of dreams to dream. 

Daydreamers get a very bad rap in school because we tend to be misjudged as being unfocused or uninterested. Nothing could be further from the truth. Later in life, I would discover that being dreamy can also be a characteristic of a visionary, and so I learned to embrace it. 

My mind had always been thirsty to explore art from different perspectives because even a slight change in an object's orientation could change my entire view of the subject as well as my feelings about it. When this happens, I know, there is where my learning begins.

Art is only a vehicle for me, a way to recycle the beautiful gifts I see in this world. The catalyst was my fondness for animals and nature. If I would wonder about a horse, I would try to draw him. I'd observe how strong his neck was by studying the muscles. When I studied his back and flanks, I could imagine his kinetic motion and I could feel the power of this animal. But, when I'd get down to the legs and ankles I would see how very fragile this robust majestic animal is, and how easily a little stumble could be a fatal accident. Then when I would draw him, I would draw him with love because I felt his vulnerability and I was in awe of him because of it.

I think it is a gift to 'see' things in such a way that you become a part of the thing you are studying and creating, especially when studying it from different perspectives. Not just the perspective of light or distance of the subject but also learning it's purpose, it's functionality, discovering it's flaws and its imperfections. It all somehow leads to a certain wonder that everything in the world really is perfect. 

I love to exhibit form in my work, which has most recently lead me to work more intently in sculpture. I can turn my work and see it from different perspectives and doing so is very satisfying to me. I also enjoy letting the memory inside my hands mingle with the stories in my head so that together they can produce surprises for me. I’ve worked with my hands all of my life. From creating to holding my babies. 

My hands cannot see, but they remember, and once recalled, those memories flow out in the form of a sculpture or drawing.

I love to create childhood subjects because it reminds me of a time in my life when being an imaginative daydreamer was enough to fill my whole heart with joy. It still does.