Getting it on the paper...

For me, art journaling is a great way to practice letting go of my daily stress and anxiety. The exercise, as shown in the video above, has resulted in very real breakthroughs that enable my creativity. Journaling helps me to confront feelings of paralysis so I can move forward with my experience.

I learned to practice this kind of emotional release when I was a child. I had those small diary books with a lock and a key, and I was pretty faithful to it. Eventually as I grew into adulthood, writing in my diaries and journals become a meditative and personal experience for me. 

I'll start out on the blank page and write about a small problem or concern. Usually I try to describe the emotion of it so that I can release it and let it go.  This practice is like taking a mental jog around the block, or hitting a punching bag for 10 minutes. Today, I don't save my written journals, I paint over them!

These are the benefits I experience:

  1. It helps to ease the stress of the day.
  2. It removes the fear of a blank page.
  3. It offers opportunities to experiment.
  4. It doesn't judge me.
  5. It gives my negative emotions an outlet.
  6. I feel relaxed and calm.


The final result?

My art journal pages provide me with the opportunity to have a truthful dialogue between my creativity and my thinking process.  When I get out of my own way and give equal priority to my spontaneity and my intent, I am usually amazed at what happens!

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