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Celebrating Five Years of Creativity, Friendship, and Art!

Roses On My Table Art Groups are for serious doers and makers and shakers.

Bring your passion or soak up some great inspiration to help you get your juices flowing!

Our Art Groups are Fun and our Leadership Team is so Supportive!
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Inspiration Spotlight
Roses Member Debi Johnson
Tiny Treasures, Debi Johnson

Debi Johnson, from Sherrard, IL., has been creating all her life. She is a self-taught artist in whatever art that inspires her to learn.

When I spotted Debi's artwork in the photo gallery at Roses On My Table, I was enchanted by the beautiful boxes that she had created. It instantly reminded me of little dollhouse rooms on the one hand, and then on the other, a cabinet of curiosities and wonder.

A Mother's Treasures,
Debi Johnson

"My Tiny Treasure Box was inspired by Tim Holtz's boxes and tutorials," she says.

"I would go to garage sales and Goodwill stores and see a lot of the country shelves and thought they would be good to use for the assemblages. I started collecting little items and when I was ready to start putting it together I put a back on it, adding paper for each space. It evolved as I was creating it to what it is today."

If you need to chase away the winter blues, try something new and creative! The fun part is trying new things in this wonderful new year! And, if you'd like to see more treasures by Debi, click the link below.

You can visit Debi Johnson at her Blog:

Zinnia's Art Spotlight picks are chosen from the Roses and Artful Gathering photo galleries.
zinnias art picks:

Happening Now...


Art Lab Highlight,

Jean Hickok

Making Faces with Lyn Belisle

Spring Theme Exchange

Space is Limited, Click Here for Info

A Project for Janet Ghio

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The Nestie with Diane Cook
Join Diane Cook in this brand new Art Lab called, The Nestie. “The Nestie” is one of Diane’s favorite jewelry components, as it often seems to show up in many of her jewelry designs and art projects.
You’ll see just how easy it will be, as you take flight and slowly spread your own artistic wings, quickly learning how to make this delicate, yet simple, nest. Carefully woven, to hold one to three tiny pearls or beads. You’ll be ready to attach your nest to your next favorite piece of jewelry or mixed media art project.
Lab: $25
Video Duration: 20 Min.


Simply Charming: basic techniques in metal work

Join artist Riki Schumacher in Simply Charming: basic techniques in Metal Work.
If you are brand new to the world of metal work, then you'll be so excited to begin this creative, hands-on adventure with metal smith and jewelry artist, Riki Schumacher.

In this 30 minute lab you will learn the basic tools and equipment needed to embark on your journey into to learning metal work. By having the proper basic starter equipment you will have what you will need for an array of everyday skills. In this class, you will learn how to use these tools and supplies in action making sweet charms, while applying different techniques that Riki will show you how to do.

Making Faces with Lyn Belisle

A big thank you to Lyn Belisle for offering this amazing art lab, Making Faces!


Lyn's soulful art work invites the viewer to linger on the beautiful details of her faces and collages which are often blended together in her canvas and shrine work. Lyn also creates unique spirit dolls of all shapes and forms using the faces she makes from her very own molds.

We look forward to seeing Lyn soon, where she will be teaching two incredible, brand new workshops, at Artful Gathering 2014.

This art lab is currently in closed session.

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Simply Charming

Coming soon: The Nestie

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